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    Pain...that was the first thing she felt. This throbbing, never-ending stab of pain at the side of her face. Then, as she slowly regained consciousness, she could tell she was lying in a soft bed; though she could instantly tel it was not a hospital bed. So if she wasn't in a hospital, where was she? She fought to open her eyes, but they felt so heavy. She finally managed to get them open, but the sharp stab of pain from the sunlight made her snap them shut again. Taking a deep breath, she tried to lift her hand to shield her eyes, but her arms refused to rise. It was like both of her arms were covered in Goku's weighted wristbands made out of lead. That plan abandoned, she slowly opened her eyes. The light stabbed at her eyes once again, but it wasnt as bad this time. She finally managed to fully open her eyes. At first, everything was blurry. Slowly though, details began to form. It was early morning. The sun had just fully risen into the sky. Trying to turn her head, she gasped in pain as she unintentionally put weight onto her injured jaw. Settling for only moving her eyes, she observed her surroundings. She was lying in a four-poster canopy bed. To her left was a closet, and directly in front of her, just to the left of the door, was a dresser. Behind her and off to the right was a set of french doors that, she knew, led to the balcony. She was in her room at Capsule Corp. How had she gotten here? Why did her jaw hurt so badly? Why did she feel as if she had been drugged? She searched her memory. The last thing she remembered was seeing a flash of movement from Beerus. His hand had moved like lightning. Then she remembered feeling the pain. It had been instant; sharp and searing as she went spinning towards the ground. The very last thing she could recall before everything had gone black, the thing that stood out the most in her memory, was not  a feeling or a was a sound. A roar of rage that echoed clearly through her mind and chilled her to the bone. She knew instantly who that cry had belonged to, and it frightened her all the more because she had never before heard Vegeta sound that much like an animal. After that, she had faded into darkness. But she was still worried. She knew that sound meant Vegeta had thrwon himself into the fight and he was ready to die to avenge her. That scared her. Where was Vegeta now? How had she wound up here?

     Bulma made a move to sit up but didnt get very far. A white-gloved hand shot out of nowhere to land on her shoulder. Turning her head slightly to the side, she found herself staring into Vegeta's onyx eyes. "Dont even think about it. You'd just fall right back down." Bulma opened her mouth to argue...which was the wrong thing to do. She was immediately hit by a sharp stab of pain in her jaw that made her cry out. vegeta cursed under his breath and gently pushed Bulma back onto the pillows. "Stay there." He left the room and when he returned a few minutes later, he was carrying an ice pack. He gently laid it against Bulma's cheek. Bulma winced at the cold, then sighed with relief as the pain in her jaw dulled almost immediately. "Thank you" she said, and was shocked at how slurred her words were. She wasnt even sure vegeta had understood her until she saw him nod in response. He pulled his chair closer to the bed, then leaned back and folded his arms. Bulma wondered how long she had been unconscious, and was shocked when Vegeta answered "Almost twelve hours..." She looked back at him in confusion. He smirked and pointed at the scar on the left side of her neck, the scar from his bite marks all those years ago. "Bonded for life remember? I can hear what youre thinking." Bulma scowled, then winced again as pain shot through her jaw once again. She kept forgetting about that. She wondered how bad it had been. "Your jaw was badly dislocated. I had to put it back in place. Then you decided to pick that moment to regain consciousness, your timing always WAS terrible, so I had to give you a shot of Morphine. Worked like a charm. I sat here for a while just enjoying the silence. It was a nice change." Bulma rolled her eyes and Vegeta smirked as he caught the stream of curses she was thinking but couldnt say. "Normally the connection would work both ways, but I have more mental control than you. The only times mmy thoughts can be read is if Im sleeping, or if I allow you to hear what Im thinking." Bulma threw a pillow at him and he caught it. He placed it behind her head as he said, "It's actually quite useful since you wont be able to talk for quite some time. I must say Im going to enjoy the quiet time." Vegeta grinned as he once again caught a stream of curses from her thoughts. Once she had silently vented her rage, Bulma thought "Why will it take so long?" Vegeta walked over to the dresser and picked up a hand-held mirror. "This is why" he said as he handed her the mirror. Bulma looked into it and was shocked by what she saw.

   Her creamy, pale skin was marred by an ugly, mottled black and purple bruise on one side. It was badly swollen, and that made her whole face look puffy. The eye on that side of her face looked almost closed due to the swelling in her cheek. She was amazed that her jaw hadnt been broken. She handed the mirror back to Vegeta and noticed a dark scowl on his face as he looked at the side of her face. She also noticed the dark circles under his eyes. Hadnt he slept at all the whole time she'd been here? "As a matter of fact, I havent. Ive been sitting in that chair making sure no one else bothered you the whole time you were unconscious." Bulma looked at him in surprise and Vegeta only shrugged. "You're my responsibility after all." he stood and stretched his back. "Since you are awake now Id say I have earned the right to rest. I'll be just down the hall if you need me." He walked towards the door and Bulma was overcome by a wave of panic. He couldnt leave! She didnt want to be alone!!! Vegeta was halfway to the door when he caught her thoughts and smelled the scent of her fear. He paused and sighed before walking back towards her. Bulma expected him to sit in the chair again, but was surprised when he got into the bed on the right side. "I refuse to spend another second in that god-forsaken torture device you call a chair." Bulma shrugged and gave him a look that said "If thats the reason you want to go with." She knew he had sensed her fear and was doing this to comfort her, though he was still clinging to his pride. Bulma scooted over closer to him and Vegeta rolled onto his back and laid her head on his chest. Removing the ice pack from the other side of her face, Vegeta tossed it onto the floor and pulled the covers over them both. Bulma had been wide awake moments earlier but, wrapped in the security and warmth of Vegetas arms. Her eyes began to feel heavy.

    As Bulma lay fighting sleep, she heard a faint echo of Vegetas voice in her head. "Rest, my wife. Anyone else who wishes to harm you or our son shall have to kill me first." Bulma looked at Vegeta's face in shock and she saw the slightest trace of a smirk on his face. He had meant for her to hear that. She snuggled against him once again and thought "I know" before the deep, comforting sleep of knowing all was well claimed both her and Vegeta; just as the morning sun began to shine its brightest in the sky overhead.
Brightest Dawn
Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or any of its characters.

Okay, this is the absolute LAST time I do a story from Bulmas POV. I dunno what it is about her but she is the hardest character for me to write about. So im never doing this again. This is part two. Hope you guys like it!!! 

Two more things: 1) I did the whole "telepathic connection" thing because it gave them a way to communicate. I know it was never really mentioned in the series between these two, but we know they have it because Bulma instantly knew something was wrong in the Majin Buu saga when Vegeta died.

2) For those of you saying "Why is Vegeta acting like that when he reacted so strongly in the last story?" Because he and Bulma have a relationship where they are both smart asses to each other. Also, Bulma was unconscious and didnt know how he had reacted, and we know Vegeta is still kind of a private person at this point. Only in the privacy of their own home would he show Bulma how he truly felt.
   She fell to the ground slowly. The force of the slap making her spin once before falling to land on her face in the dirt. His black eyes widened in disbelief as he saw the dark bruise forming instantly on her jaw. She hit the ground and did not move. A reckless rage took the place of the shock and began to make his blood boil as he stared at the person responsible. He spoke through clenched teeth. "You...You hit my BULMAAAAAA!!!" The last word left him in a roar of rage as his anger made him lose all control. His black hair, which stood up like the flame on a candle, turned blonde in an instant. The ground beneath his feet cracked and crumbled as his rage sent his power level sky-rocketing. He had clenched his eyes shut but as he opened them, the normally obsidian colored eyes burned green with hatred and fury as he stared into Beerus's sneering face. "I'LL KILL YOU!!!!" he shouted, enraged by Beerus's attitude. Beerus only smirked in response.

     Vegeta snarled in rage and threw himself at Beerus in a flurry of punches and kicks. he didn't care that this one opponent had single-handedly taken down the Z Fighters. He didn't care that he was probably fighting a losing battle. He didn't care that he could die. His whole world now revolved around his fury. The only image in his mind was the bruise on the jaw of the now unconscious woman on the ground below. All that mattered to him now was doing as much damage to the person in front of him as possible. Making him feel some measure of the pain that Bulma must feel, and making him feel the brunt of his fury!!!! Vegeta took a hard punch to the face, but kept going. Repeatedly nailing Beerus with punch after punch. He landed a kick to Beerus's midsection and smirked when he heard him grunt in pain. His blood beyond the boiling point now, he shouted his fury. "You will feel more pain than that before this day is out!!! I'll make you pay!!!" He hit Beerus again and again, solely focused on the punishment he was dealing out. His vision blurred as tears of rage came from his eyes. How DARE this...this monster strike her!!! How dare ANYONE lay a hand on her!!! She had done nothing to deserve this!!! She was his wife, the mother of his son, and NOBODY was allowed to strike her!!! Not while there was a breath in his body!!! He had sworn to protect her but hadn't been able to stop that bastard from striking her down like a dog!!! He couldn't change what had been done, but he could make damn sure this ruthless bastard paid the price in blood for what he had done!!

      Beerus swung another punch but Vegeta dodged it and nailed him in the stomach, doubling him over. His fury blinding him, Vegeta was oblivious to the chances he was taking. He didn't realize he was leaving himself wide open, until it was too late. Beerus ducked a punch Vegeta had aimed at his head and grabbed Vegeta by the arm. He buried his fist into Vegeta's midsection and smirked when he saw blood come from the Saiyan's mouth. Swinging his arm down with all of his might, he slammed Vegeta into the ground hard. "Now you die!!!" Beerus shot a blast at Vegeta but at the last second, Goku appeared and teleported himself and Vegeta to a safe place far away. Once they had stopped, Vegeta tore his arm away from Goku and snarled in rage. "What the hell do you think you're doing Kakarot?!!!" "Saving your life", Goku replied in a quiet tone. Vegeta growled before shouting, "Who the hell asked you for your help?!" Vegeta started to fly back to where they'd left Beerus but Goku grabbed his arm. "Wait Vegeta..." Vegeta snarled in fury and glared at Goku, his green eyes burning with hatred. "Stay out of this Kakarot!!! He's mine to finish!!!" Goku tightened his grip and shook his head. "I won't let you end your life today Vegeta." Vegeta spun so fast that Goku didn't have time to react as Vegeta swung a puch to Goku's face, connecting with his mouth. "What I do is none of your business Kakarot!!! If I die, then I die protecting what is mine!!! I will not allow what that bastard did to go unpunished!!! Now stay out of my way!!!" Vegeta turned to leave but Goku grabbed his arm once again. "Vegeta wait!!! I have a plan. If it works, we can destroy Beerus for good. He will be punished. You have to trust me." Vegeta spun around and stared into Goku's green eyes. "You're sure?" Goku nodded and Vegeta growled in frustration before walking forward until he was nose to nose with Goku. "Very well Kakarot. I will go along with this. But I warn you now, if this plan of yours doesn't work, and that monster goes free, you had better hope the injuries he inflicts upon you kill you. Because if they don't...I will!!!" Goku stood there in shock for a moment then nodded. He telepathically summoned Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and trunks.

     When the others arrived, Piccolo was carrying Bulma. She had still not regained consciousness and the swelling on her jaw was worse. The bruise was now a very dark purple. Vegeta snarled in rage before going over and tearing Bulma from Piccolo's arms. He carried Bulma a few feet away before gently laying her on the ground behind him. Anyone wishing to hurt her again would have to go through him to do it. Turning around, his words came out in a growl as he spoke. "Stay away from her!!!" Scared by the dangerous tone of his voice, no one else made a move towards Bulma. None of them wished to rile Vegeta any further. Vegeta turned back to Goku with arms folded. "So what's your plan Kakarot?" "It's simple. None of us can stand up to Beerus alone right now. As high as our power levels go, he is ten times stronger. Even our highest Super Saiyan levels are no match for him. So here's the plan. You all combine your Super Saiyan energy and give that energy to me. With the combined power of five Super Saiyans, I will be more than a match for him by myself." Vegeta scowled before speaking. "if this will work Kakarot then why not let me be the one to take the energy? I deserve to face him!" Goku shook his head. "You would be fighting for the wrong reasons. You would lose." Vegeta snarled in fury. "The wrong reasons?!!! He struck my wife Kakarot!!! You cannot honestly tell me that if it was your wife lying ther you wouldn't want retribution?!!! You know you would!!! You have no right to take that away from me!!!" Goku didn't back down even under the face of Vegeta's rage. "I probably would, but that's no reason for this. Your rage will only get you so far before it blinds you in a fight. When that happens, you will lose and this will all have been for nothing. I can defeat him.  Besides, you need to care for Bulma." Vegeta still looked angry. "Please Vegeta you have to trust me on this!!!" Vegeta clenched his jaw and his eyes narrowed dangerously as he spoke. "Remember my warning Kakarot." Goku nodded and Vegeta returned the gesture as if they were sealing some sort of pact. "Let us begin then. Gohan, Goten, Trunks, get over here!!! NOW!!!"

     As they all stood in a circle, Goku's power level rose and he transformed into Super Saiyan. One by one, the others followed suit. Powering themselves up to their highest level. When they were finished, four Super Saiyans and one extremely powerful half-Saiyan stood there. They joined hands and slowly directed some of their power towards Goku. Vegeta could feel the transfer. It felt like an electric current was running through his arm, into Gotens arm, and finally, over to Kakarot. Suddenly, Goku's aura began to change. It was still golden, but slowly, flashes of red began to appear within the gold. The Saiyans pushed even more energy towards him and suddenly, Goku was engulfed in a bright light. Vegeta shielded his eyes as he felt the surge of power. When the light faded, Vegeta got a good look at Goku's transformation. His jaw fell open. Goku's black hair had turned, not blonde, but a brilliant shade of red. His aura had a reddish glow as well. Beyond that, he didn't look different physically, but his power level was awe-inspiring. Clearly, he was at a whole new level. The transformation complete, Vegeta walked back over to where Bulma lay. He lifted her into his arms and turned to address Piccolo. "I'm taking her home. I want you to look after my son. If he comes home with so much as a bloody nose I'll mount your head on a pike!!!" Piccolo was startled by this, but nodded his head as vegeta turned and flew towards Capsule Corp. Reaching the grounds, he carried Bulma down to the lower levels, knowing there was a medical facility there. Vegeta laid her on the metal table and began to examine her. She had yet to regain consciousness, and judging by how dark the bruise was, she had been hit pretty hard. Vegeta frowned as he looked at her jaw. The shape was all wrong. It was either broken or very badly dislocated. Using the tips of his fingers, Vegeta gently probed her jaw to examine it. Bulma stirred and moaned in pain, but did not awake. Probing further, Vegeta realized her jaw was badly dislocated and clenched his jaw. he knew he would have to pop her jaw back into place for it to mend properly, but it was going to hurt...a lot. He hated the idea of hurting her but if he didn't do this, her jaw would never heal properly and might cause her pain for the rest of her life. Clenching his jaw tighter, Vegeta made his decision. Using the weight of his body, he pinned her upper body to the examination table. Opening her mouth, he placed one hand on the upper part of the joint of her jaw and the other hand on the lower part of the joint. Cursing under his breath, Vegeta gave one quick but forceful push upward and heard the bone snap back into place. At that moment, Bulma's eyes snapped open. The pain seemed to have awakened her. She screamed and began to struggle under his weight. Vegeta tried to calm her down by whispering that it was all right, that he was there and she was safe; but it was to no avail. Bulma continued to struggle, trying to escape. Pulling open the drawer just under the table's edge, Vegeta felt around until he felt a syringe packet under his fingers. Pulling it out into the light, he saw that it was labeled "Morphine". Knowing that human doctors used this on unruly patients to knock them out so they could work on them, he tore off the wrapper and plastic needle guard with his teeth. He quickly stuck the needle into her upper arm and pushed down on the plunger. Throwing it aside when it was empty, he held her still and continued whispering in her ear that it would be all right. Slowly,her struggles lessened as the medication took effect.

     After a few minutes, her struggling stopped entirely. Vegeta was alarmed at first but then her deep, even breathing told him she was asleep. Vegeta picked her up and took the elevator to the main floor. Once there, he carried her up to his room and laid her down on the bed. After pulling the covers around her, Vegeta walked to the balcony doors and bolted them shut. Crossing the room quickly, he did the same to the bedroom door. No one was coming into this room to disturb her. The room now secured, Vegeta pulled a chair over to the bed and positioned it to where it was between both doors and her. Anyone wishing to harm her would first have to go through him. Leaning down to her, Vegeta brushed his lips over her forehead. "Rest well Bulma. You are safe now." As he sat in the chair, he grunted in pain. That last hit he had taken must've broken a rib. He would deal with it later. Right now all that mattered to him was her well being. Vegeta reached down and took her hand. "No one will ever harm you again. I'll die a thousand deaths before I allow it." Kissing her hand to seal the vow, Vegeta settled into a more comfortable position in the chair. His body called for sleep but he ignored it. He would sleep later. He was going to be here a while. Kakarot would win the battle, of that he had no doubts. Until then, all he had to do was wait. His place was here for now.
Darkest Day
Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or any of the characters in this series.

This is part one of a two part series involving Bulma and Vegeta during the whole Battle of the Gods thing. What was going on in Vegeta's head at the time? What if Bulma had been knocked unconscious by Beerus slapping her and did not awaken for a while? Part one is Vegetas POV part two will be Bulma's Hope you like it!!!
  Storm clouds rolled across the sky. A heavy rain fell as a light rumble of thunder rolled across the heavens. Despite the chill from the rain and the wind, a lone figure stood on a balcony, facing the storm. Her blue hair clung to her face and neck due to the rain. her skin, which was normally porcelain white, no had a greyish, unhealthy look to it. Her blue eyes had a sad, distant look in them, as well as dark shadows underneath them.Tears streamed down her face, mixing with the rain before falling to the ground. Bulma Briefs was numb to all of this however. She didnt care that she was getting soaked to the bone. She didnt care that this was probably going to result in a very bad cold. She didnt care about anything anymore. She was completely numb to the world around her. All she was aware of anymore was this crippling, never-ending pain in her heart. It was like someone had removed her heart with a dagger while she had still been conscious.

   It had been three days since she had been told about Vegetas death. The searing pain she'd had then should've told her, but sh had denied it until Goku had shown up and told them all that Vegeta was gone forever. She hadn't eaten a thing since then and had barely slept. Only when she had cried herself into a state of exhaustion did she sleep, but never for very long before she was awake once again. She hadn't even been able to drag herself out of her room to see to Trunks. He kept knocking on the door and calling for her, but she never answered. She couldnt bear to look at her son. As horrible as it sounded, it was true. He just looked too much like his father. She couldn't see trunks without having a fresh round of ache stab into her heart. Piccolo and the others seemed to understand and were seeing to the boy's needs; leaving Bulma alone to drown in her agony. She was sad, but underneath that she was boiling with rage as well. How could Vegeta do this to her?! How could he leave her like this?! Didn't he know how much she needed him?! How dare he leave her in this state!!

   Bulma suddenly let out a scream of anguish. She couldn't deal with this! She hated this feeling! All she wanted was for this suffering to go away. She sank to her knees, sobbing her heart out. Vegeta had been her everything. He had given her strength when she needed it. He had given her love, even if he only showed that love behind closed doors. He had given her loyalty, protection, safety...everything she had ever wanted in life. Now it was all gone. She was all alone. Overcome with exhaustion, weakened by hunger, Bulma crawled back into her room and fell asleep on the carpet. In her dream, she was there as vegeta made his sacrifice. She heard him tell Majin Buu that he wasnt going to Hell by himself. She started to run towards him, but she seemed to be moving in slow motion. "Trunks...Bulma...I do this for you...." The rest of his sentence was lost on her ears as he launched a blast outward from his body and towards Majin Buu. The explosion engulfed them both as Bulma screamed her throat raw. "VEGETAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

  Bulma woke with a start. She was in her bed at Capsule Corp. Her mother or father must've put her into her bed because she remembered falling asleep on the carpet. Hearing a flapping noise, she looked over at the balcony doors. They were still open and rain was pouring in. Her mother would have a bitch fit if that carpet was ruined. Bulma didn't feel like hearing her mother gripe so she walked over and shut them. As she closed the doors, she sensed that she was not alone in the room. Her heart racing, she spun around. "W-Who's there?" she called. She felt a presence in the room with her and, though she couldn't see them, she sensed that whoever it was meant her no harm. That's when she heard his voice. "Bulma...." "V-Vegeta?" She looked around but still saw no one. "Where are you?" "Here...." The voice came from behind her. Spinning around, she saw him standing there. He bore no marks of battle. His blue training suit was unblemished. His blonde hair stuck straight up as always. The only change was he looked much younger. His aura was glowing but she didn't know if it was due to his Super Saiyan state, or the halo around his head. His green eyes were full of emotion. Vegeta held his arms open and she ran to him. Enveloped in his arms, she felt happier than she had in days. vegeta placed the tips of his fingers underneath her chin and lifted her head. he gently brushed her tears away before lowering his head to tenderly kiss her lips. After a moment or two, he pulled away. Brushing her hair back, he looked into her eyes as he spoke. "I'm sorry Bulma. I didn't mean to cause you so much pain. I didn't want to leave...but there was no other way. Please believe me." He laid his hand on her cheek and as she leaned into his touch and closed her eyes, he pulled her into another warm embrace. "I had to destroy that monster and I did it the only way I could think of. I couldn't allow you or my son to be endangered because of my own foolishness...not again. I had to stop it. I told you once before that I would die before allowing any harm to befall my family. Those weren't just words Bulma." As she nodded her head, he led her back over to her bed. She lay down and he pulled the covers up around her and tucked her in. He leaned down and kissed her tenderly once more. "I have to go now." She grabbed his hand. "No! Don't leave me again! Please!" He took her hand and kissed it. "I have to. But take heart Bulma. I shall return someday. Until then, take care of yourself and my son. Don't let my sacrifice have been in vain. Please my love. It will be all right." She nodded her head and her eyelids began to feel heavy. As she drifted off, Vegeta leaned down and kissed her forehead. "It will be okay, my love. Take care of Trunks for me. I love you." "I love you too Vegeta", she mumbled sleepily. Vegeta smiled and kissed her hand before walking toward the balcony doors. "Goodbye, my love. I shall return. I promise." With that, Vegeta faded away.

   As Bulma rolled over and smiled in her sleep, Vegeta appeared before King Yemma's desk. "Did you accomplish what you desired?" Vegeta nodded his head. "Yes...yes I did." King Yemma nodded sadly. "Very well...I fulfilled my part of the bargain. I let you say goodbye. Now you must willingly meet your fate...whatever it may be. That is the deal you made." Vegeta's jaw clenched as he nodded. "Very well..." King Yemma took a stamp and stamped the word "Hell" on Vegeta's papers. "There...It is finished." Vegeta nodded and started towards the little man that would lead his soul to Hell. Reaching him, Vegeta turned back to King Yemma. "Thank you..." he said quietly. King Yemma was startled. Never in this soul's past had he thanked anyone at all...yet here he was doing just that. Perhaps he had learned his lesson after all. Sadly though, it was too late. His fate had been sealed. King Yemma nodded in response as Vegeta turned and followed the guide to his fate.King Yemma looked back down at his desk as the next soul stepped up for judgement. He picked up his stamp, but stopped before he did anything. "Goku...I hope you and your friends can fix this somehow. If I had the power to change any soul's fate that came through here...I'd change his. Vegeta doesn't deserve this." Sighing heavily, King Yemma went on with his work; silently hoping that there was a power higher than his somewhere taht could fix this.
A Last Request
Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or any of its characters.  

Just a short and sweet Fanfiction about what Bulma was feeling after Vegeta was killed. What if someone had granted Vegeta one last request? that request being to go back and comfort Bulma so she would be all right until he came back? I realize King Yemma might not do that, but he was the only one I could think of who would have the power to do something like this. Enjoy!!!
    It was hopeless. He had thrown everything he had at his opponent, but they had matched him blow for blow. Strands of his spiky blonde hair clung to his forehead with sweat. His blue fighting suit was badly ripped. Blood dripped from his face and hands. There was a deep gash in his right leg. Although he had tried to seem confident at first, he was losing strength fast due to blood loss and exhaustion. But his green eyes blazed with a fury that wouldn't let him quit. Beneath the fury, barely noticeable to the untrained eye, lay the smallest hint of shame.

   Vegeta's feelings were due to his actions in the last few hours. He'd foolishly allowed himself to be taken over by Babidi. He'd challenged the closest person to a friend he had to a fight to the death. When the challenge was refused, Vegeta had then done the unthinkable. He had launched a blast of energy at a stadium full of innocent people to get Kakarot to fight. The worst part of that was that SHE had been one of the people in that arena, and had been in the path of the blast. It had barely missed her because someone had pulled her out of the way just in time, but it had still been close. His blue-haired goddess had almost been lost to him. That thought bothered him most of all because she was his lover, his mate, his...everything. She was everything to him, and though he rarely showed it, she understood his feelings, and even reciprocated them. He, however, didn't know how to show his feelings. He didn't know how to express the emotions he felt for her. In his past, emotion had been a weakness he had been severely punished for. So he had learned to shun them, to let no one in,  and old habits were hard to break. But somehow...this enchantress had gotten to him. She had broken down those barriers and had softened the prince's heart of stone. So much so that he couldn't bear the thought that he'd almost lost her in that blast of his. Because of that, he had to make sure this monster died. It was his only chance of retribution, his only chance of forgiveness.

    Vegeta was knocked to the ground by a vicious punch from Majin Buu. Still angry, the big monster then grabbed Vegeta by the ankle and threw him fifty yards away. Vegeta slammed into a rock wall and slid to the ground. Getting to his feet quickly, he spat out a mouthful of blood and wiped his mouth on his glove. He realized there was only one way to win. Majin Buu would die...but so would he. With that thought, his heart ached. He didn't want to die. he didn't want to leave his wife and son. But as a flash of Bulma and Trunks came to his mind, he steeled himself. He would face whatever he had to to protect them...including the fires of Hell. His decision had been made. Rushing at Majin Buu, he managed to find an opening and rammed his head into Buu's stomach with all the force he could muster. The impact sent Buu flying 100 yards away. Buu hit the ground hard, but quickly scrambled to his feet and fixed Vegeta with a murderous glare. Vegeta's own livid stare bored back into Buu's eyes.

   Vegeta's voice was full of cold fury as he spoke. "In order to defeat you I'll have to blow you into so many pieces you can't even regenerate!!!" Having already sent his son to safety, he had no fear for him as he took his final stand. A small pang of regret hit him as he thought of his son. He hoped Trunks would be okay. He'd hated having to strike his son, but it had been the only way to get him out of there. He thought of the words Piccolo had spoken to him before leaving. Judging by Piccolo's somber tone, he had been speaking the truth, and judging by his words, Vegeta was doomed to Hell. "Well I'm not going to Hell by myself!! I'm taking you with me!!", he snarled in fury. Suddenly, Vegeta's power level began to climb. Buu looked around in confusion as the world around them responded to the force of Vegeta's rage. The wind blew with increasing intensity, the sky overhead crackled with lightning, and still Vegeta's power level climbed.

  As Vegeta's power increased, his thoughts returned to Bulma. She'd captivated him from the moment he'd laid eyes on her. Both in beauty, and with her strong spirit and courage. Though she knew Vegeta could have easily killed her, she never showed any fear towards him. She would actually stand up to him. That had drawn him to her like a moth to a flame. One night, something had happened that changed both of their lives forever. It was one week after she had saved him from the Gravity Room explosion. They'd gotten into a heated argument, in which she'd called him a "barbaric Saiyan." That had enraged him. Backing her against the wall, he screamed, "You have no idea what barbaric is!!!" In his rage, details of his past that he'd kept bottled up for so long spilled out of him. He told her everything. About his father, about Frieza's training, the endless wars he'd been forced into as a small child, the death of his planet and race, the brutality he'd been subjected to. He didn't know how long he had ranted and raged about his past, all he knew was when he'd looked up, she was crying silently. Vegeta reached out and wiped away her tears. "Why are you weeping woman?" "B-Because...Because I cant stand the thought of you suffering so." Before he knew it, he was kissing her. She returned the passion in his kiss and Vegeta had swiftly taken her upstairs. That had been the first time he'd ever felt that strongly about anyone. That was the night he claimed her as his woman for life.

  Vegeta was amazed at the affect she'd had on him. No one had ever broken through his defenses like that. No one trusted him the way she did, and no one made him feel the way she did. Soon, other memories were racing through his mind. The way she cared for his son so much that she often went days without sleep so that the child was safe and sound. The way she protected the boy from everyone, including him. The day she had hit him with a rolling pin because she had seen the bloody nose he'd accidentally given Trunks. The way she always supported him and believed in him, but left him alone when she sensed he needed it. The way she stood by him even though their marriage was not like that of Kakarot and his wife. As these memories came to him, they only strengthened his resolve to protect her. His power level sky-rocketed. Buu watched in horror as the ground around them began to shake, and the rocks around them crumbled under the weight of Vegeta's power. Vegeta's aura glowed like a wildfire. A ball of energy formed around him. The heat from the energy burned like a lava flow as Vegeta's fury fueled his power level and drove it even higher. As his power level neared its peak, a different image came to mind. A flash of Bulma's face, tears pouring from her blue eyes. She would weep for him, he knew. The worst of all of this was that he'd never see her again. But this was his destiny, to die protecting his loved ones. He only hoped she would understand his sacrifice. Regret and longing touched his heart, making it ache once again. He regretted it had to be this way. He longed to see her, to touch her face one last say goodbye. But it was not to be. His power level having reached its highest level, a lone tear slid down his cheek. He expressed his sorrow to the wind. "I'm sorry Bulma. Goodbye. I love you." With that, he pushed the enormous blast outward from himself, engulfing the entire area in a bright flash of light. His roar of fury was lost to the wind. Majin Buu was engulfed in the blast.

 When the dust settled, and the light of the blast faded, all that remained was a giant crater. Vegeta was gone, but he had achieved his dying wish. Majin Buu was gone. He'd been obliterated by the fiery blast; destroyed by Vegeta's fury. Majin Buu was no more. Somewhere far away, Bulma grabbed her chest and cried out in pain. Her heart felt as if it had just been pierced with a dagger. When she realized what it meant, she began to cry with great, body-wracking sobs. Her handsome Prince was gone, never to return again.

Fire and Fury
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or any of its characters.

This story was inspired after listening to the song "Fire and Fury" by Skillet. I thought the song fit Vegeta and Bulma well so I wrote this fanfiction. Sorry if the setting, dialogue, or Vegeta's semi-mushiness bothers anyone but fanfiction is up to the writer and this story idea jumped out and begged to be wriiten so I did. If you don't like it, don't read it. The rest of you who do wish to read it, I hope you enjoy it!!!
   The clock on the wall struck midnight. Outside, the rain that had been falling for an hour had finally stopped. A calm, still night took over as the storm clouds parted to reveal an autumn full moon. The moonlight streamed through a nearby window of one of the town houses below; illuminating a bed and the man that lay upon it, thrashing about in his sleep. His black hair stuck to his forehead due to the sheen of sweat that covered his body. As he tossed and turned, a few shaky words tumbled from his trembling lips as tears fell down his face. "No...No dont...please!!!" The old recurring nightmare from his younger years was haunting him once again.

    He was running down a dark tunnel. Something was urgently pulling him toward the end of the tunnel. Seeing a light ahead of him, he ran full speed toward it, a feeling of immense dread rising within him. As he drew nearer to the light, he saw it was coming from flames. A number of building were burning. Screams coming from the dwellings told him there were still people in them. He could hear women screaming and children crying. Looking around wildly for help, he spotted a group of soldiers standing nearby with rifles in their hands. He ran to them, but no matter how much he shouted, no matter how hard he shook them, they paid no heed. It was as if they couldnt see or hear him. Hearing glass shatter, he looked back toward the cluster of small houses. A woman had broken a window and was pushing two small children out of the inferno. One of the soldiers raised his rifle and fired three times. The mother and two children fell as the bullets found their mark.

    He screamed in rage and ran at the soldiers, but before he could reach them, they disappeared as the scene changed. Before him now was a small room with almost no furniture. Hearing a sob to his left, he turned and saw a sight that made his blood run cold. A small child of about seven or eight sat on the floor in between the bodies of a man and a woman. Their bodies were riddled with bullet holes. They had to be his parents and he had obviously just watched them die. In front of the boy stood a line of soldiers with their rifles pointed right at the child. At the front of the line stood someone he couldnt quite see over the mass of soldiers. All he could make out was jet-black hair and a blue uniform, both of which looked horribly familiar. The boy on the floor looked up and in his eyes was a mix of sorrow, rage, and a hint of fear. With tears streaming down his face, the boy grabbed the gun on the floor between his parents bodies and pointed it at the men in front of him. In a voice that sounded oh-so-familiar to him, the man at the front of the line ordered the boy to drop the weapon. With a cry of rage, the boy cocked the gun and fired. In a flash of red and gold, the bullet and the boy were devoured by a jet of flame. When the blinding light from the flames subsided, nothing remained. The boy, his parents, and the bullet he had fired had been reduced to a pile of ash. The line of soldiers parted, and he finally got a good look at the man at the front. He saw the jet-black hair and the blue military uniform more clearly. "No", he whispered. The man at the front turned and, with a shock of horror, Roy Mustang realized he was looking into his own black eyes!!! He had killed that child in cold blood, but the black eyes that stared back at him now showed no hint of remorse or regret.

    As he screamed in horror and denial, the scene changed again. He saw himself marching through the town; burning and killing everything in sight. The look in those black eyes was one of purpose; a soldier who was simply carrying out orders. No regret, no remorse, no feeling at all in those cold, black eyes. The eyes of a killer; a person who knows the damage he was causing, but didnt care. He knew this was wrong, but he did it anyway!!! He was a monster!!! Looking down at his white alchemy gloves, he saw that they were spattered and stained with blood; the blood of the people he had just watched himself kill. Covering his eyes, he screamed in anguish as the demons from his past that he couldnt erase tormented him once again. "Im a murderer!! I deserve to die!!" "No. Youre not.", said a soft voice from above him.

    He jerked his head up in surprise and found himself staring into a pair of beautiful brown eyes. Dressed in white, and bathed in light so bright it nearly blinded him, stood Riza Hawkeye. Reaching out her hands, she wiped away the tears that had fallen from his eyes, before pulling him into a warm embrace. When she pulled away, she held his face in her hands and looked directly into his eyes. "You are not evil, you are not cold-blooded, and you are certainly not a monster! You were manipulated into following those orders, the same way I was. We are one and the same. I did terrible things too. But we have tried to do the right thing since then. We have fought on the side of good. You are not a monster! You are a hero! Always remember who you are! Remember what you stand for! But most of all, remember that no matter where you go, no matter what you do, I will ALWAYS be there at your back! I will never leave you! Remember that Roy!"

    When he nodded his head, she smiled and stood. She held out her hand and helped him to his feet. She turned to walk away. "Wait!!", he called. She turned back with a smile. "Why are you here?" "To remind you of who you really are. Dont listen to what others say, and dont listen to your inner demons. Remember who you are and what you stand for. If you ever do forget, I'll be there to remind you." With that, she disappeared. The scene around him had changed from one of horror to a peaceful sunrise.

     Back in the room in the small apartment, Roy Mustang rolled over in his sleep and smiled. "Thank you Riza", he whispered still in his dream. Like she had done so many times in his life, Riza Hawkeye had appeared and saved him from himself. Like an angel of mercy, she had come to him and chased away the demons of his past; easing his troubled mind. The nightmare that he had been struggling with his entire life would trouble him no longer. His sleep would forever be peaceful now.  
Angels and Demons
Disclaimer: I do not own FMA or any of its characters. 

Wrote this listening to the song "My Demons" by Starset. I recommend listening to it cuz its a great song. The song made me think about Mustang and about what he would see if he had a nightmare. This is the result. Enjoy.


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