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My page views are over 4000!!!! Just a little more and I can make a horrible DBZ related joke that is so expected of people lol
I am not, repeat, AM NOT doing another story from Bulma's point of view. Sorry guys but I just can't write for her. It's extremely difficult. So I apologize to the person that asked for a story in her POV but I just can't do it.
  When Nyla cleared the mountain ridge and reached the wasteland where the power levels were located, what she saw took her breath away. She spotted him immediately; he looked just like his father. All he was missing was the scar on his cheek. He looked so much like Bardock that it brought tears to her eyes. However, she quickly brushed them away and observed the scene before her. Kakarot had an ally with him, a strange looking man with green skin, yet both of their power levels combined were net equal to even HALF of the strength of their opponent. Nyla turned to observe him. He was obviously a fellow Saiyan; that was made obvious by the tail that curled around his waist, but he was unknown to her. He had spiky, black hair that was so long it almost touched the ground behind him. He wore traditional Saiyan armor that was black and brown. He wore a green scouter on his head, much like the one she wore now. His power level wasn't extraordinarily high, it was less than half of Nyla's power, but he was more than a match for Kakarot. Why would Kakarot be so foolish as to face him head on?

   At that moment, Nyla heard Kakarot shout, "Give me back my son!!!!" Turning her scouter on the space pod behind the unknown Saiyan, she saw there was indeed a small child locked inside of it. If this was truly Kakarot's son, then this was Bardock's grandson. All Saiyans knew of Bardock and respected him for his power. Why would this stranger disrespect Bardock by threatening his son and kidnapping his grandson? What business did he have with the two of them? Realizing that this man had used a defenseless child as bait in an unknown scheme, Nyla was filled with fury. She was about to join the battle when she heard something that shocked her. "'d defy your own brother?" Brother?!! But that wasn't possible...was it? She'd never asked Bardock if he had any children besides Kakarot, and he had never mentioned any other children. However, it was possible that he had an older son. Now, Nyla was unsure of what to do. SHe had sworn to find and protect Kakarot. But if this man, Raditz she'd heard Kakarot call him, was also Bardock's son then she didn't want to hurt him either.

   While Nyla stayed on the ridge above unsure of what to do, a battle broke out between the three below. Nyla watched as Kakarot and his ally were easily overpowered. SHe was still debating on getting involved when she noticed that Kakarot had gotten ahold of Raditz's tail. The green man who was his ally had lost an arm while she had been distracted, but he was clearly preparing some sort of attack. His power level began to sky-rocket. Maybe she wouldn't have to get involved at all. No sooner had this thought crossed her mind, however, than she heard Raditz begin to beg for his life. "Please let me go!!! Don't kill me brother!!! I'll leave this planet." "I'm not falling for that again!!!" "No please, Kakarot!!! I swear it!!! I'll leave!!! Don't kill me!!! Please!!!" Nyla knew he was lying. This man was a monster; and monsters didn't change. He proved he was a monster by using a defenseless child as a pawn. He was no different from the men Bardock had saved her from all those years ago. "Kakarot you fool! Don't listen to him", she softly pleaded. But her plea was denied. Kakarot had clearly inherited Gine's soft heart. He released his hold, and Nyla watched in horror as Raditz kicked Kakarot to the ground, then stood with a boot on his chest. He was going to crush him to death! She had to stop him! Nyla was about to fly straight at Raditz and kick him off of Kakarot, when suddenly her scouter started going berserk. There was an enormous power level being picked up. According to her scouter, it was coming from Raditz's space pod. Raditz had apparently sensed it as well. He jerked his head up and stared at his space pod in shock as it exploded. Nyla watched in amazement as a small child flew out of the wreckage and headed straight for Raditz. The child rammed his head into Raditz's midsection. The force of the blow was so great it cracked Raditz's armor and sent him flying off of Kakarot. Nyla stood in shock. How could a child of no more than four have that much power?! Then, as suddenly as it had spiked, his power level dropped back down again as he knelt beside his father.

     Nyla watched in horror as Raditz got to his feet and started towards Kakarot and the boy; a murderous glare in his eyes. She heard Kakarot yell at the child to run, but the boy was absolutely terrified. He stood frozen in fear as Raditz reached him. Kakarot lay badly injured and was powerless to help as Raditz slapped the child so hard he rolled several feet away. He lay motionless as Raditz started towards him again, a blast of energy held in his palm. Filled with a rage unlike anything she had ever felt before, Nyla flew off the ridge and landed a hard kick to Raditz's head. The impact sent him flying as Nyla landed to stand before him; putting Kakarot and the boy safely behind her. Raditz got to his feet and looked at her; confusion and anger on his face. "Who the hell are you?!""My name is Nyla! Recruited and trained by Bardock to serve in the army of the throne of Vegetasai!! Fourth member of Squad X under the leader, Bardock!!!" "You trained under my father?" "So....I'ts true. You are Bardock's don." Nyla clenched her jaw in fury and spoke in an icy tone. "Your father would be ashamed of you! Kidnapping your own nephew?! Trying to kill your own brother?! How can you be so heartless?!" Raditz folded his arms and smirked. "Well...I am my father's son." "No son of Bardock's would be so cruel! Your father saved my life from people like you! I made a vow to him that I would protect your brother no matter what!" Nyla dropped into a fighting stacnce sh had learned from Bardock. "My loyalty is to Kakarot now! If I have to kill you to protect him thens o be it!!!" "Don't be a fool! You're no match for me!" Nyla snarled in rage. "You're the fool!! I'm more powerful than you and you know it!! I don't care if you ARE Bardock's son! I refuse to let you harm him any more!!! Your father may have been a soldier, but he wouldn't have stood by while someone tried to kill a defenseless child!! Neither will I!!!" "You'd dare defy a fellow Saiyan warrior?!" "You aren't a warrior!!! You're a disgrace!!!" "Damn you!!! I'll kill you!!!" Raditz flew at Nyla but she dodged him and landed a hard blow to his side. She heard a crack as several of Raditz's ribs broke. Raditz swung a punch, aiming for Nyla's stomach, but she caught his wrist and squeezed until she heard the bones snap. Raditz screamed in pain as Nyla slammed him to the ground before kicking him in the ribs, sending him flying several feet away. Rage was pounding in Nyla's head and, as it had before, it blinded her. She was so focused on punishing Raditz that, as she rushed him again, she left herself wide open. Raditz sprang from the ground and grabbed her by the ankle. He slammed her to the ground and, while she was down, sent a blast flying right at her. She managed to dodge but, as she rushed Raditz and aimed a punch at his face, he grabbed her arm. With a mighty blow, he snapped the bones in her lower arm in half before throwing her to the ground once again. She slammed into the rocky ground below. The impact knocked the wind out of her and, she knew from the number of cracks she heard when she landed, broke six of her ribs. Dazed from the pain, she was powerless to fight back as Raditz put his boot on her throat. "You say you'll protect my brother at all costs, yet you refuse to finish me off when you are more than capable of doing so! You won't kill me because you know I'm Bardock's son as well, and in the back of your tiny mind, you don't want to be responsible for the death of the son of your mentor! How sweet of you!" Struggling for breath, Nyla was helpless as Raditz increased the pressure of his boot. He was going to crush her windpipe. "You may have a higher power level, but your foolish emotions are holding you back!!! They make you weak!!! They are the cause of your death!!!" Raditz raised his boot to stomp on her throat, but was suddenly struck by a blow that sent him flying ten feet away. Nyla's vision was blurry from lack of oxygen, but she could still make out the outline of the person who knelt and held out a hand to her...Kakarot had rejoined the fight. "Hey...are you all right?" "I-I'm fine. Thank you Kakarot." "Umm...My name is Goku, but you're welcome. Can you get up?" Nyla nodded and took his hand. As he helped her up, Nyla looked into his eyes. "You look just like your father." "So Raditz was telling the truth? We really are brothers?" Nyla nodded in response. "So you knew my dad? How?" "It's a long story. All you need to know for now is that I'm sworn to protect you. I made a vow to your father just before he died that I would find you and protect you. It's taken so many years, but I finally found you...Kakarot." "Look...I'm glad you're on my side, but my name is Goku. What's yours?" "Nyla." He smiled and stuck out his hand. "Thank you for saving my son." Nyla shook his hand. "You're welcome...Goku." He smiled but, as he looked over her shoulder, his eyes widened in horror.

    Nyla turned, but was struck with a mighty slap to the face that nearly broke her jaw and sent her flying fifty feet away. She hit a large rock as she fell to the ground and it splintered into pieces; which covered her body. Only her head remained uncovered. She heard Kakarot's roar of rage and she saw him land a blow to Raditz's chest before appearing behind him and landing a blow to the back of his head. As Raditz rushed him, Kakarot teleported behind him and locked his hands under Raditz's arms and behind his head. Raditz tried in vain to struggle but Kakarot wasn't letting go. Her ears still ringing from the vicious slap she'd received, she heard Kakarot shout something as her scouter went off again. It was detecting an emormous power level once again. Turning her head, she saw it came from Kakarot's ally. Her hearing returned just as she heard Kakarot's shout of "Do it!!! NOW!!!!" Then she saw a blast fired from the fingertips of the green man straight at Raditz and Kakarot. Realizing Kakarot could never get out of the way in time but pinned by the weight of the rocks, Nyla watched helplessly as the blast connected and blew a hole through both of them. She heard Kakarot's scream of agony and watched as he released Raditz. They both fell to the ground. Neither of them moved.

  "NOOOOO!!!!" Nyla's power level exploded and she was freed from the rocks as her fury caused a wave of energy that blasted them off of her. Ignoring the pain of her injuries, she flew to stand in front of the person responsible for her broken vow. With murder in her eyes, she spoke through clenched teeth as tears poured down her face. "You killed him!!! You monster!!! I'll kill you for this!!! "I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!" Rage overwhelming her, Nyla's power level climber through the roof. It reached 4,500. She flew at the green man and punched him in the stomach with all of her strength. She heard a crack and knew she'd broken all of his ribs. When he doubled over in pain and coughed up blood, she grabbed him by the throat. She squeezed and said "Die!!!!" "Nyla stop!!!!" It was Kakarot!!!! Releasing her hold, Nyla flew to Kakarot's side. "Kakarot...How....?" "Just listen please..." "Kakarot, don't try to talk! Save your strength. You'll be okay." They both knew it was a lie. She cradled his head in her lap, and her tears fell on his face as she realized he was dying right before her eyes. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you." "I-It's okay. Please listen to what I have to say. I don't have much time. Don't hurt Piccolo. I knew I would die, but it was the only way to stop Raditz." AN evil laugh sounded at these words. Nyla turned her head in disbelief and realized Raditz was still alive, though he was not long for this world either. Nyla turned her attention back to Kakarot, but was distracted by the sound of an aircraft landing. She looked up and saw an old man, a young woman, and a very short young man exit the aircraft. They headed straight for Kakarot. Nyla was prepared to stand and fight once again, but Kakarot said "It's okay. They're my friends." The young man knelt and took Kakarot's hand. The young woman noticed Nyla kneeling there. "Who the hell is she?!" "She's a friend...Her name is Nyla. She helped us win..." Raditz gave another evil laugh. "You...think you've...won? Fools!! I'm...not the...only Saiyan...who knows of Earth. Two more...are on...their way. They are...the two strongest...Saiyans left. You...won't stand...a chance. You're finished!!! They' here... in a year. They'll...avenge my death! They' all!!!" Raditz started to violently cough. With blood on his lips, he smiled. "They'" His breath rattled in his throat and his head slumped to the side. Raditz was no more.

     Turning her attention back to Kakarot, Nyla saw he was fading fast. It was getting harder for him to draw a breath and he struggled to speak. "'s okay. We have a plan. Don't...hurt Piccolo. We...need him. can...wish me back." Nyla couldn't stop a small sob from escaping. Kakarot looked up and grasped her hand. " me." Tears falling thick and fast, Nyla looked into his eyes. " father. son. Please. Make sure...he's safe...until I...return." Unable to speak, Nyla managed to nod as she began to sob uncontrollably. Kakarot squeezed her hand and smiled before looking at the others. "My...true friends. Take care...of Chi Chi...for me. Tell her...I love her. Don't sad. I' back. Goodbye...for now." With that, Kakarot's eyes closed and his head slumped to the side. He too was gone. Nyla's hands shook as she gently lifted his head from her lap and softly laid it down upon the ground.

    At that moment, the one Kakarot had called Piccolo came walking over. She glared at him and stood between him and Kakarot's body. "Stay back!" He glared back but then, to Nyla's disgust and surprise, he gave a roar of agony and regrew his arm. Though this sight horrified her, she quickly covered it up and fixed Piccolo with a murderous glare once more. "What do you want?" "Look, Goku was right. As sad as it must be for you all that he's dead, we can always wish him back. So stop your whining and focus on the real problem at hand! The other two Saiyans who are coming! We have to be ready for them!" The woman called Bulma stepped forward. "Someone needs to tell Chi Chi what happened. Then we have to get Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu. They will want to fight too." Piccolo nodded and walked over to where Kakarot's son lay. He reached down and picked him up. "I'm taking this child to train. He is strong and someone needs to hone his skills and help him master his power. Only I am strong enough." He started to fly away, but Nyla blocked his path. "You aren't taking him anywhere!" Enraged, Piccolo screamed at her. "Don't you get it?! You saw what he can do! Someone has to teach him to control that power! So he can use it at will! Then he can help us! Now get out of my way!!!" "No!!!" "Damn you! I said MOVE!!!!" Nyla's eyes flashed with rage. "I promised Kakarot I'd look after his son! If you're taking him, then I'm coming with you!" "Don't make me laugh! You didn't keep your promise to Goku's father...why keep this one?" Nyla punched Piccolo in the stomach. When he doubled over, she yanked Gohan out of his grasp. "You are the reason my vow was broken once!! I won't let that happen again! I can't kill you because they need you, but I can break every bone in your body and leave you here while I take the boy. Or, you can take me with you and no one has to get hurt. Which is it gonna be?!" Piccolo straightened up and looked her right in the eyes. "I will take you under one condition: You don't interfere! I'm the one training him, so what I say goes! I'll train him as I see fit! Agreed?" Nyla hesitated before speaking. "As long as you don't do anything to deliberately put him in danger, I agree." Piccolo nodded and took the child from her again. "Let's go. We are about thirty miles away from where we need to be. You better keep up." Without waiting for a reply, Piccolo flew off. He was flying West. Nyla looked down at Kakarot's companions. "Don't worry. You can trust me. I'll keep him safe. Goodbye." She turned and flew off after Piccolo.

    Hours later, Nyla stood on a ridge, staring up at the half moon in the sky. Piccolo had taken the boy off to train and still hadn't returned. Nyla wasn't worried though. She could easily find them if she needed to. Tears in her eyes, Nyla spoke to the heavens. "I'm sorry Bardock. I failed you." Clicking her scouter on, Nyla lay on the ridge. Exhausted from the day's events, she quickly fell asleep. She dreamt of Bardock again. But this time, it wasn't a nightmare. Bardock spoke to her through the mist she was standing in. She couldn't see him, but she could hear his voice clearly. "Hear me Nyla. You didn't fail me. You found Kakarot. You saved his son. Don't worry about the rest. Kakarot will return. Until then, you can keep your vow to me by keeping the vow you made to Kakarot. Watch over his son. Kakarot lives on through him. If you keep him safe, in my eyes it amounts to the same as protecting kakarot." "I will Bardock!! I swear it!!!" "I swear it..." Nyla whispered in her sleep. It seemed Bardock's words had comforted her, for no nightmares would bother her that night. Her vow had been renewed; and this time, she would die before allowing it to be broken.

Bardock's Legacy: Chapter 3: The Vow Renewed
Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or any of its characters...but Nyla is all mine!!!!

A special thank you to sithscott and Vegerot!!!! For helping with the dialogue and helping me capture Piccolo's attitude. Thanks guys!!! I couldn't have done it without you!!!

This is the end of Nyla's story. She has come full circle and renewed her vow to Bardock through Kakarot. Hope you guys like it!!! Sorry if I misspelled anything.
   Nine o' clock PM; Earth time. The sun had long since set and now the valley below was suffocated in shadows. Nyla had been flying for almost five hours and was still no closer to finding Kakarot. Her eyes were starting to feel heavy. She hadn't slept in two days and hadn't eaten in almost three. Deciding she would get nowhere tonight, she began to search for shelter for the night. She spotted a small cave in the mountains below her. Grouped around the cave's opening were several bushes and a few small trees. There was a small creek running next to the cave. That would make the perfect place. Five minutes later, after running off a very large cat of some sort that had been inside the cave, she had a fire going and had caught and cooked several fish. She ate ravenously, and drank from the creek when she was finished. Her hunger and thirst satisfied, Nyla's eyes began to droop. But it was a foolish Saiyan who slept in unfamiliar surroundings without making sure it was safe; yet another lesson she had learned from Bardock. Turning on the scouter once more, she did a quick scan of her surroundings. There were no other threatening life forms around her. The high power level she was sure belonged to Kakarot remained far to the West. It was safe to sleep. Leaving the scouter on, she walked back into the cave and lay down close to the fire. The scouter would warn her of any approaching threats. Feeling completely drained, Nyla quickly fell asleep. As she slept, visions of her past returned to haunt her yet again.

   Nyla had never known her mother. She had died in childbirth, leaving her husband the burden of raising their child. It was not a burden he had handled well. If he wasn't gone off to war, he was sitting at home drunk. It was a miracle Nyla had made it past infancy with him. All Nyla knew of her mother was that she looked just like her, and her name: Kallah. The name she knew because her father would call that name out in his sleep when he was drunk. She knew she looked like her because, when she was five, her father had gone into a fit of drunken rage and beaten her into unconsciousness for asking questions about her mother. As he punched her over and over again, he raged at her that he couldn't stand looking at her because she looked so much like Kallah; and that it was HER fault Kallah wasn't here. It's amazing what grief will do to someone. Her father went from a strong warrior, to a cold-hearted bully; and Nyla grew to the age of seven without a scrap of affection from him. What was worse, he would use her as a way to vent his frustrations; and she took several beatings from him at a young age. It had been both a blessing and a curse when the man had died when she was seven. A blessing because she no longer had to live in fear of him. A curse because her suffering didn't end there. Back on Earth, Nyla rolled over in her sleep and muttered as memories continued to blend with her dreams.

   Once her father had died, things had only gotten worse for her. It seemed her father had hidden a dark habit from her. He had taken to visiting the local brothel routinely, and had racked up an enormous amount of debt; which he left behind when he died. Once he had died, those debts were still expected to be paid in full. Three days after her father died, two Saiyan males had come to the house and demanded money. When she told them she didn't have any and didn't know where her father had hidden it, they accused her of lying and had viciously beaten her. With broken bones and tears streaming down her face, Nyla was thrown from the house and told not to come back or they'd kill her. From then on, she'd had to live on the streets. Those had been hard and lonely years. She'd had to beg for food mostly. But, when people showed no pity for her begging, she'd had to steal it. The adults sneered at her and wouldn't help her. Worse yet, they allowed their children to bully and beat her. They would see her walking and would start chasing after her. If they caught her, they'd knock her down to the ground and kick her mercilessly; until she couldn't get back up. She developed speed and cunning by having to outrun them for all those years she did run. Then one day, at the age of thirteen, she decided she would run no more. Surrounded and outnumbered, she'd put her back against a wall and made a stand. After breaking three noses, four sets of ribs, and two arms, they ran away and left  her alone. From then on, she was bullied no more. She still had to fend for herself, but at least she wasn't constantly getting jumped and wasn't being pushed around by anyone. They left her alone. Now, she could walk wherever and whenever she pleased. One night however, she walked right into a nightmare. After taking a wrong turn down an alley, she turned to leave and found herself facing three grown men. Though she was young, she was still decent looking, and they wanted to take her and force her to work in the local brothel. Scared out of her wits but refusing to back down, she once again stood her ground. She broke the first man's nose with one punch. He ran away, wanting nothing more to do with her. The second man, she knocked unconscious. The third man, the owner of the brothel, pulled a knife and slashed at her side. He caught her just under her ribcage, but she managed to grab his arm. Pulling with all of her might, she intended to dislocate his shoulder. She was surprised; however, when instead of a pop, she heard a ripping sound. She had torn his arm completely off at the shoulder. In pain and rage, the man swung his fist at her side. It connected, and she grunted in pain as she heard several ribs pop.  Nyla saw red as she was reminded of her father. Grabbing the man's other arm, she gave another mighty yank and tore it off as well. Mustering all of her remaining strength, Nyla grabbed the man's head on both sides and; with a single turn, quickly snapped his neck. He dropped to the ground dead. Panting heavily and out of energy, Nyla fell to her knees; thinking it was all over. From behind her, she heard the sound of a blaster being armed. She turned and saw the second man had regained consciousness and had a blaster pointed at her head. Knowing it probably wouldn't help but not knowing what else to do, Nyla raised her arms over her head and closed her eyes. She heard a blast, but felt no pain. When she opened her eyes, the man had a large hole in his chest. He fell to the ground and she could make out the outline of a male Saiyan; his palm still raised from the blast he had fired. As he walked closer, Nyla became afraid and tried to run. She didn't get far before she tripped and fell to the ground. The Saiyan came up to her. He had strange, spiky black hair and a scar on his cheek. He wore a green scouter and blue and green armor. Panicked about what he may do to her, Nyla tried to run once again, but found she couldn't stand. She cried out when he reached her and grabbed her by the shoulder, causing him to clamp a hand over her mouth. "Settle down kid. I'm not gonna hurt you." She looked confused as he turned her to face him. "Are you okay?" She nodded and he held out a hand to help her up. When she stood, she cried out in pain and almost lost her balance. The Saiyan cursed and held her steady. "You arent' okay. You can't even stand up." He picked her up and said "I'm gonna get you some help. Hang in there." She looked up at him, confusion mixing with the pain in her eyes. "W-who are you?" "Name's Bardock." That was the last thing she heard before she passed out.

    When Nyla came to, she was lying in a bed while a Saiyan female with a gentle touch and long, black hair bandaged her wounds. Noticing Nyla's eyes were open, the woman walked to the door and called "Bardock...she's awake." The Saiyan from earlier came into the room and smirked. "So she is. In case you forgot, which you probably did, I'll save you asking so many questions and fill you in on what happened to you. You lost quite a bit of blood from that knife wound in your side. You were nearly bleeding to death when that bastard tried to shoot you, so I put a hole in his chest. Anyway, now that you're awake, you can get something to eat. Then you're going to answer some questions." He left the room without another word and Nyla turned to look at the woman with a puzzled expression. She gave a gentle smile. "You mustn't mind Bardock. He acts gruff but he's actually quite nice. He can't stand seeing someone deliberately harm a child, so he saved your life." Nyla tried to sit up but found she couldn't. The woman smiled again. "I can see you're very independent. I can understand that, look at what I have for a husband. All the same though, wouldn't you like some help? I'm afraid you won't get far if you try to do things the hard way." Nyla nodded and the woman came closer. She supported Nyla with one arm while she stood. "My name's Gine by the way. May I ask your name?" "N-Nyla." Gine smiled and said "What a pretty name. Now come and get something to eat. You look like you could use a good meal; and a hot shower. But dinner first for you." Gine helped Nyla into the kitchen and sat her at the table. Bardock was already eating and, as Gine placed a heaping plate in front of Nyla, he spoke with a mouthful of food. "Stop babying her Gine! That girl is strong; that much I've seen. She doesn't need coddling." Gine's response was to hit Bardock in the head with a wooden spoon. "She's hurt Bardock! She needs help, and she will get help! And you aren't fooling her or me so stop acting so cold and unfeeling! You saved her life after all." Bardock grinned as he rubbed his head where she had hit him, and went right back to eating. Nyla realized just how hungry she was, and she ate ravenously. After five helpings of heaping plates of food, she pushed her plate away. Bardock, having finished before her, lit a cigarette and leaned back in his chair. "Good you're finished. Now it's time for you to answer some questions. First, who are you?" "My-My name is Nyla." "You look familiar. DO I know your parents?" Nyla shrugged. "Im not sure. My mother was Kallah. My father's name was Denku." Bardock nodded as he said, "Yep. I know them. Your mother and Gine knew each other a long time ago. Gine cried for weeks when she found out she was dead. Your father was in a different squad than mine. I met him once or twice but never cared for him. Where is he now?" "He died when I was seven. I-I've been living on the streets since then." A dark scowl crossed Bardock's face at these words but he continued speaking. "Who trained you?" When she looked confused he shook his head disbelievingly and asked, "Who taught you how to fight?" "Nobody; I...I had to learn on my own." Bardock looked shocked at her words. "How old are you?" "I'm 13. Why?" Bardock flicked on his scouter and read her power level. When he spoke, his voice held amazement. "You mean to tell me that you haven't had a day of formal training in your life? Yet at such a young age, you were able to defeat two grown men, one of which you killed, and have a power level of just over 2000?" Nyla nodded and was surprised when Bardock smirked. "Gine, I think we found your replacement." Gine smiled and nodded. "She does seem very strong. But I won't have her sleeping on the streets. She stays here while she trains Bardock." Bardock opened his mouth to argue but Gine held up a hand to silence him. "This isn't up for discussion. She stays and that's final." Bardock grinned at Gine's attitude. She always was a soft-hearted person. Though he would never admit it to anyone, her soft-heartedness was rubbing off on him; which is why he had saved Nyla to begin with. He finally agreed to let her stay. Turning back to Nyla, he pointed to the bedroom she had awakened in. "That's your room. There's a bathroom in there just across from the closet. You better get to bed. You'll have a busy day tomorrow." Nyla nodded and, with Gine's help, she started towards the room. Before reaching it, she turned back towards Bardock. "Thank you." Bardock scoffed but nodded in her direction. Gine glared at him as she helped Nyla to bed.

     The very next day, Bardock spoke with the other squad leaders and inducted her into the army. However, he quickly saw that her inexperience in training combined with her short temper made her a poor choice. As a result, nobody wanted to waste their time training her. But Bardock refused to give up on her. He had seen her strength firsthand and knew that she was a capable fighter. All she lacked was discipline, which could be taught. So he agreed to put her on his squad and train her. Their first few lessons had been rough. She had refused to listen and, though Bardock never got angry with her, he was far from gentle. She kept leaving herself wide open in her attacks, and he took advantage of every single one of them. She took several beatings in those days. When she came home battered and bruised after three training sessions in a row, Gine had yelled at Bardock for being too rough on her. The reason for Gine's irritability soon became obvious; she was pregnant. She told Bardock that if he didn't let up on Nyla, she wouldn't allow him to train their son. Bardock, not wanting to upset her, would relent and say he'd take it easy on her. He didn't of course. He still beat her up during their sessions, but he would then bandage her wounds himself and tell her what she had done wrong and how to improve. He would also have her sleep in the training barracks so Gine wouldn't see her wounds. After two months under Bardock's training, she was able to take on the other members of his squad one at a time. By the three month mark, she could take them all on at once. Bardock would watch with pride in his eyes and afterwards would tell her how much she had improved. "You went from a thug to a soldier." She appreciated his time and patience and, by the time they reached three months of training, she was starting to view Bardock and Gine as family; and they saw her the same way. Nyla began to realize she had found a home.

    One day, at about the five month mark in their training, Bardock came up to Nyla with a grin. "You've come a long way kid! I think it's time to test your abilities in an actual battle. We got orders in today for a mission. We're heading to Sector 7. There's a planet there we've got to make ready for trade." Nyla got excited and actually hugged Bardock before realizing what she was doing and stepping away in embarrassment. Bardock hated to be hugged by anyone but Gine. Instead of being angry, Bardock smiled and put a hand on her shoulder. "I like your enthusiasm. Let's go." While flying to the planet, Nyla asked Bardock what he had meant by making the planet ready for trade. "It means we go in, clear out the warriors, and take those remaining as slaves. Then we give those slaves, and the planet and its resources, to Lord Frieza to sell." Nyla was shocked. "But...that's not right! That makes me no better than a bully; something I swore I'd never become. How can you do this?!" Bardock shrugged, "It's our job. It's what we do." "But...But this isn't like you Bardock! You saved me from someone who wanted to make ME a slave! How can you do the same thing to someone else?!" Bardock scowled in anger. "That was different. You were a kid. In fact, you still ARE a kid! And you've got a lot to learn! You don't have to understand the orders, and you don't have to like the orders. You're a soldier! Your job is to follow them, no matter what." "But..." Bardock raised his voice. "No buts!!!! You have a job to do, so do it!!! End of discussion!!! If you can't follow orders, then I don't need you on my team!!!" He stormed away, leaving Nyla feeling hurt and confused. Bardock had never spoken to her that way before. She had come to view him as a father figure, but it seemed to he like he would never see her as anything other than a soldier; no matter what she did. Maybe he really didn't care about her at all. How wrong she had been about that. During the mission, and in a rush to prove herself to Bardock, she hadn't been paying attention to her surroundings. She put all of her focus on the three soldiers she was fighting, but failed to notice the two sneaking up on her from behind. They shot her in the back with blasters at close range. At the same time, the three in front of her fired a blast into her chest. She fell thirty feet to the hard ground and lay motionless. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in the regeneration tank. Sitting in a chair across the room was Bardock. When he saw she was awake, he called for the medical staff to release her. While walking home, Bardock told her that while he would still train her, she was not coming on any more missions until she got older. "I won't have you getting killed out there because you aren't ready. I don't need a replacement that badly." At the door to her room, he put a hand on her shoulder. His eyes softened as he asked, "Are you sure you're okay?" When she nodded, he smiled. "Good, then get some rest. More training for you tomorrow." As she started to open the door to her room, Bardock stopped her again. "Nyla, I know you don't understand about the missions. Maybe someday I can explain it to you better. For now, just know that this is what the king asks of us." He pointed to the crest she wore on her shoulder. "It's our duty as Saiyans to serve the throne of Planet Vegeta. I hope you understand." Nyla nodded and Bardock sent her off to bed.

       Over the next few weeks, Bardock stayed true to his word. Though he and his team got several more orders in, Nyla was always left behind with a member of the squad to train. This had it's advantages though, for once when she was left alone with Fasha, Nyla had gotten the full story about what had happened to her; and what Bardock's reaction was. When Bardock had seen her fall, he had let out a roar of rage. He used a single blast to take down the group he had been facing and flew to where she lay. He stood in front of her and ordered the rest of the team to deal with the others. He had personally dealt with the ones who had injured her. Once they were destroyed, he had flown her back to Planet Vegeta to be healed. Nyla asked why Bardock had abandoned the mission and Fasha had shrugged. "He knew we could handle it. He wanted to make sure you were okay. He really cares for you; the big softie." Nyla saw she was right and her affection for Bardock grew even more. She resolved herself to doing whatever he asked of her from that moment on. A month later however, that resolve was tested. Nyla learned that Bardock and his team had gotten orders for another mission, to clear out the Kanassans. Despite the promise she had made to herself to listen to what he had said, Nyla begged Bardock to take her along; but he put his foot down. "You are staying and that's final! We will be back tomorrow sometime." Nyla hung her head and Bardock's tone softened. "Hey kid don't look so down. You'll be ready one day. Train while we are gone so I can see how much you have improved and keep out of trouble. I'll see you later." After he had left, Nyla felt a little down; but she kept herself busy with training. Four hours later, she was exhausted but felt much better. She was coming out of the locker rooms when she saw a group of technicians carrying a stretcher to the clinic. On the stretcher, unconscious and covered in wounds, was Bardock. Nyla raced after them but, at the doors of the clinic, they stopped her. She demanded to be let in but they refused. Saying she would only be in the way, they shut the door in her face. Nyla was forced to wait in the hallway. Two hours later, Bardock came walking out of the clinic. When he saw her sitting there, he scolded her for not training. She asked where he was going and he said "To catch Fasha and the others. They got new orders when I was in the tank." Again she begged him to take her along, but again he put his foot down. "I said NO Nyla!!!!" She hung her head again and Bardock put his hand on her shoulder. "Cheer up kid. I'll be back before to long. When I come back, you can spar with me. How's that?" This cheered her up considerably so she hugged him and left to train once again. She wanted to show him how much stronger she was during their next sparring match.

      Ten hours later, she was completely exhausted and was heading home when she saw Bardock come running around the corner. He was badly beaten and had a crazed look in his eye. "Nyla!!! Thank God I found you! There isn't much time!!! I have to get you out of here!" He grabbed her by the arm and led her to the space pods. "There isn't much time!! Frieza is planning to destroy the planet!" "Wh-What are you...?" "I don't have time to explain! I've already sent Gine to my pod to get to safety! I have to get you out of here too!!" "What about you?!" Bardock opened one of the space pods. "I'm going to face Frieza alone. My team is dead and no one else will believe me. I can't save them, but I can save my family! If I die, at least you all are safe!" "Bardock you can't!! You are no match for Frieza by yourself!!! Let me go with you!!!" "No!!! Get in the pod and get out of here!!!" "No!! I won't leave you to die!!!" Bardock exploded in anger. "God damn it Nyla!!!! Do as you're told for ONCE!!!!!" He shoved her into the pod and set the controls for another galaxy. Before he closed the door, he took off his scouter and handed it to her. Holding one of her hands in his, his voice shook as he spoke. "Take this and be safe. But make me one promise. I sent Kakarot to safety as well. I don't know where exactly he went or how long it will take to find him. All I know is the planet's name: Earth. If I don't make it out of this, promise me you'll find him! Find him and tell him what happened to us! He must know the truth! Promise me, Nyla!!!" Tears fell from her eyes. Her throat was too tight to speak, so she simply nodded. Bardock smiled and said, "Thank you. No matter what happens to me I need you to know this. You were like a daughter to me, and I am so proud of how far you've come. Goodbye." With that, he slammed the door shut and launched her pod. As she sped away, she looked out and saw Bardock racing off in the direction of Frieza's ship. That was the last time she saw him. The scouters were all connected, and through the one she had just been given, she heard it all. Bardock shouted his challenge to Frieza, she heard Frieza laugh, and then heard Bardock's scream. It was a cry mixed with fury and agony. Then she heard the explosion that was so great the shockwaves from it rocked her ship as she fled the galaxy. Realizing Bardock was dead, the 13 year old girl broke down and wept as she realized she was once again alone.

     This is where memories turned to nightmares. For though she was not there, her mind formed its own picture of what had happened. She pictured her entire planet perishing in a great blaze of light. She saw Gine engulfed in the blast, screaming in agony as she was burned alive. Finally, she saw Bardock; her mentor, her friend, the only father she had ever known. She saw him dying alone and screaming in agony. The nightmare was always the same, as was the end result. Nyla woke up with a scream, bathed in a cold sweat with tears pouring from her eyes. It took her a minute to remember her surroundings. She was on Earth, she was 35, and she was safe. All of this was because of Bardock's sacrifice. As she sat there, fresh memories of Bardock flooded her mind, and his desperate last request echoed through her mind once again. "Find him Nyla!!!! Promise me!!! Promise me Nyla!!!" Nyla stared at the sun just beginning to rise in the East. Fresh determination to find Kakarot filled her mind, and she was about to fly off when her scouter started going off. It had picked up not one, but three extremely high power levels. One was far off to the East of her next to a power level that was so small it could only belong to a small child. The other two power levels were flying right for it. One of those power levels was the same one she had sensed earlier; the one she was sure was Kakarot. She flew in the same direction the other two power levels were heading; flying as fast as she could. Tears of happiness fell from her eyes. "This is it!!! I did it Bardock!!! I found him; I'm sure of it!!!" As she flew, her scouter went off again. The two power levels had reached the third one, and they were both increasing. There was going to be a fight! She flew faster. She would allow no harm to befall Kakarot, and she knew that he was there somehow. "I won't let any harm come to your son Bardock! I swear it!" She kicked her speed into high gear, desperate to reach her destination in time.
Bardocks Legacy: Chapter 2: Shadows of the past
Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or any of its characters. Nyla is an OC of my creation so NO STEALING!!!!!!

What will Nyla see when she arrives at her destination? Who do all of those power levels belong to? Will she finally find the person she's been looking for? All of this and more in Chapter 3.

Credit for this goes to sithscott and Vegerot. They convinced me to continue the story and gave me advice on how to construct it as well. Thanks guys!!!
  It was almost sunset on the planet known as Earth. The colors from the setting sun in the West touched the barren land below; turning it into a beautiful masterpiece. The beauty of the scenery was lost, however, on the lone figure standing on top of the ridge overlooking the valley. Her long white hair blew in the light wind that stirred up dust devils on the ground below. Her blue eyes had a distant look in them as she stared out onto the horizon. This young woman was a Saiyan, one of the few survivors of a long forgotten warrior race. In fact, up until recently, she had thought she was the only survivor. But news from another planet told her that one of her race still lived on this planet. She hoped he was the one she had been searching for since her planet was destroyed. Planet Vegeta had been destroyed by the evil tyrant Lord Frieza, who had come to fear the power of the Saiyans and decided to exterminate them. But, among all Saiyans, one rose to confront Frieza, and it was because of him she was still alive.

  Nyla's eyes filled with tears as she remembered him. Bardock; a strong warrior, and a loyal friend. She owed him her life. When she was much younger, she had had a high power level, but no discipline. She had been reckless and hot-headed; rushing into fights and endangering her and others with her. She had been stubborn as well. Both her parents had died when she was very young, and she had been left to raise herself. As a result, she refused to listen to anyone else. Her fighting ability had been discovered when the owner of a local brothel had seen her and tried to kidnap her to force her to work for him. When he attacked her in the alley, and at the age of 13 with no former fighting experience, she had ripped both the man's arms off at the socket without trying very hard. Next thing she knew, she was a soldier in Frieza's army. However, nobody wanted to take the time to train her. Nobody, that is, except for Bardock. He had seen her power level for himself and knew she had potential. She has a fiery sense of pride that Bardock respected; and she could take a good beating, as he would come to find later. Bardock agreed to put her on his team. He had been patient, but had not been gentle. He had pushed her to the breaking point more than once and she took several beatings in their first few lessons. While treating her injuries after training, Bardock would sternly tell her that she was taking too many foolish chances and to work harder to discipline herself. Slowly but surely, she had learned to be strong of mind as well as body.

     Nyla remembered with a smile how Bardock had finally put her up against the other members of his team. By one month, she could take them down one at a time. As they reached the two month mark, she could take them all on at once; minus Bardock, who stood watching them. After one long and grueling training session, Bardock had smiled and announced she was ready to accompany his team on a mission. They were to go to a planet in Sector 7 and make it ready for Frieza to sell. That meant cleaning out the warriors and capturing those remaining as slaves. Nyla had a problem with that, but when she voiced these concerns to Bardock, he had harshly told her to do her job and quit whining like a baby. That had hurt her to the point of thinking Bardock didn't care about anyone. How wrong she was. During their mission, Nyla had been holding her own but was too busy to notice the two warriors sneaking up on her. Still a young warrior, she hadn't fully developed her battle senses, and hadn't been anle to get out of the way in time. They shot her in the back at close range at the same time the three in front of her hit her with a blast. She fell hard from thirty feet in the air. She had been told by Fasha, the only other female on Bardock's team, that Bardock had seen her fall and let out a roar of rage. He took on the group of rebels single-handedly and then stood in front of her to protect her from further harm. When they got back to Planet Vegeta, she had to be placed in the rejuvenation tank. Fasha told her that Bardock had never left her side.

   After that, Bardock continued to train her but refused to let her go on any more missions until she got older. So when Bardock and his squad had gone on a mission a few weeks later to clear out the Kanassans, she had been left home to train. She had been coming out of the showers when Bardock was carried past and put into the room with the rejuvenation tanks. She had wanted to see him but the medical staff had refused. SO she was forced to wait in the hallway. A few hours later, Bardock came walking out on his own and, when he saw her, he scolded her for not training. He told her to go practice while he left to join his group on another mission. She had hung her head and Bardock had smiled and said "Cheer up kid. When I get back we can spar together for a bit." That had cheered her up so much that she hugged him and then left to train. Two hours later, she had been at it for 10 hours total and was exhausted so she was heading to bed when Bardock came running up to her.

   He was badly beaten and had a strange look in his eyes. He told her Frieza was planning to destroy the planet. He grabbed her by the arm and led her out to the space pods. He told her that he was going to face Frieza alone because no one would help him or believe him. She had wanted to go but Bardock had said no. She had argued until Bardock shouted, "God damn it Nyla!!! Do as you're told for once!!!" He had shoved in the space pod and set the controls for the nearest safe planet. Before he closed the door, he took off his scouter and placed it on her head before taking on of her hands in his. When he spoke, his voice shook but his eyes burned with a need to be heard. "Take this scouter and be safe. But do one thing for me. I sent my son away too. I don't know where he went, I just punched the launch button. He left a few minutes ago. If I don't make it out of this, find him. I don't know how long its going to take but find him!!! Please Nyla!!!" With a tear in her eye she nodded. Bardock smiled before shutting the door and launching the ship. As the ship sped away, she saw Bardock flying toward where Frieza's ship was stationed. That was the last time she saw him alive. The scouter were all connected, and she listened in horror as her protector's death came over the scouter as clear as day. She broke down and wept as she realized she was all alone.

    As she stood on the ridge overlooking the wasteland, a tear slipped from under the green scouter and rolled down her face. She had come to this planet because word across the galaxy was there was a Saiyan warrior here who protected the inhabitants. As she stood there, her scouter picked up a huge power level to the West. That had to be him. She knew Bardock's son was named Kakarot and she figured a power level this high must belong to a Saiyan. She flew off the rock and towards the power she sensed. Bardock's last words echoed through her head as she flew, and her voice shook as she spoke. "I did it Bardock. I finally found him." Maybe it was because she had been remembering him, maybe it was because she missed him, or maybe she was going crazy; but as she flew and the wind whistled around her, she thought she heard his voice whisper "Thank you". Another tear slipped down her face as she whispered "You're welcome Bardock." before flying as fast as she could toward the power level that could only be the person she was searching for for the last twenty years.  
Bardock's Legacy
Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or any of its characters but Nyla is all mine!!! No stealing!!! Hope you guys like this story!!!


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