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   The clock on the wall struck midnight. Outside, the rain that had been falling for an hour had finally stopped. A calm, still night took over as the storm clouds parted to reveal an autumn full moon. The moonlight streamed through a nearby window of one of the town houses below; illuminating a bed and the man that lay upon it, thrashing about in his sleep. His black hair stuck to his forehead due to the sheen of sweat that covered his body. As he tossed and turned, a few shaky words tumbled from his trembling lips as tears fell down his face. "No...No dont...please!!!" The old recurring nightmare from his younger years was haunting him once again.

    He was running down a dark tunnel. Something was urgently pulling him toward the end of the tunnel. Seeing a light ahead of him, he ran full speed toward it, a feeling of immense dread rising within him. As he drew nearer to the light, he saw it was coming from flames. A number of building were burning. Screams coming from the dwellings told him there were still people in them. He could hear women screaming and children crying. Looking around wildly for help, he spotted a group of soldiers standing nearby with rifles in their hands. He ran to them, but no matter how much he shouted, no matter how hard he shook them, they paid no heed. It was as if they couldnt see or hear him. Hearing glass shatter, he looked back toward the cluster of small houses. A woman had broken a window and was pushing two small children out of the inferno. One of the soldiers raised his rifle and fired three times. The mother and two children fell as the bullets found their mark.

    He screamed in rage and ran at the soldiers, but before he could reach them, they disappeared as the scene changed. Before him now was a small room with almost no furniture. Hearing a sob to his left, he turned and saw a sight that made his blood run cold. A small child of about seven or eight sat on the floor in between the bodies of a man and a woman. Their bodies were riddled with bullet holes. They had to be his parents and he had obviously just watched them die. In front of the boy stood a line of soldiers with their rifles pointed right at the child. At the front of the line stood someone he couldnt quite see over the mass of soldiers. All he could make out was jet-black hair and a blue uniform, both of which looked horribly familiar. The boy on the floor looked up and in his eyes was a mix of sorrow, rage, and a hint of fear. With tears streaming down his face, the boy grabbed the gun on the floor between his parents bodies and pointed it at the men in front of him. In a voice that sounded oh-so-familiar to him, the man at the front of the line ordered the boy to drop the weapon. With a cry of rage, the boy cocked the gun and fired. In a flash of red and gold, the bullet and the boy were devoured by a jet of flame. When the blinding light from the flames subsided, nothing remained. The boy, his parents, and the bullet he had fired had been reduced to a pile of ash. The line of soldiers parted, and he finally got a good look at the man at the front. He saw the jet-black hair and the blue military uniform more clearly. "No", he whispered. The man at the front turned and, with a shock of horror, Roy Mustang realized he was looking into his own black eyes!!! He had killed that child in cold blood, but the black eyes that stared back at him now showed no hint of remorse or regret.

    As he screamed in horror and denial, the scene changed again. He saw himself marching through the town; burning and killing everything in sight. The look in those black eyes was one of purpose; a soldier who was simply carrying out orders. No regret, no remorse, no feeling at all in those cold, black eyes. The eyes of a killer; a person who knows the damage he was causing, but didnt care. He knew this was wrong, but he did it anyway!!! He was a monster!!! Looking down at his white alchemy gloves, he saw that they were spattered and stained with blood; the blood of the people he had just watched himself kill. Covering his eyes, he screamed in anguish as the demons from his past that he couldnt erase tormented him once again. "Im a murderer!! I deserve to die!!" "No. Youre not.", said a soft voice from above him.

    He jerked his head up in surprise and found himself staring into a pair of beautiful brown eyes. Dressed in white, and bathed in light so bright it nearly blinded him, stood Riza Hawkeye. Reaching out her hands, she wiped away the tears that had fallen from his eyes, before pulling him into a warm embrace. When she pulled away, she held his face in her hands and looked directly into his eyes. "You are not evil, you are not cold-blooded, and you are certainly not a monster! You were manipulated into following those orders, the same way I was. We are one and the same. I did terrible things too. But we have tried to do the right thing since then. We have fought on the side of good. You are not a monster! You are a hero! Always remember who you are! Remember what you stand for! But most of all, remember that no matter where you go, no matter what you do, I will ALWAYS be there at your back! I will never leave you! Remember that Roy!"

    When he nodded his head, she smiled and stood. She held out her hand and helped him to his feet. She turned to walk away. "Wait!!", he called. She turned back with a smile. "Why are you here?" "To remind you of who you really are. Dont listen to what others say, and dont listen to your inner demons. Remember who you are and what you stand for. If you ever do forget, I'll be there to remind you." With that, she disappeared. The scene around him had changed from one of horror to a peaceful sunrise.

     Back in the room in the small apartment, Roy Mustang rolled over in his sleep and smiled. "Thank you Riza", he whispered still in his dream. Like she had done so many times in his life, Riza Hawkeye had appeared and saved him from himself. Like an angel of mercy, she had come to him and chased away the demons of his past; easing his troubled mind. The nightmare that he had been struggling with his entire life would trouble him no longer. His sleep would forever be peaceful now.  
Angels and Demons
Disclaimer: I do not own FMA or any of its characters. 

Wrote this listening to the song "My Demons" by Starset. I recommend listening to it cuz its a great song. The song made me think about Mustang and about what he would see if he had a nightmare. This is the result. Enjoy.
    Vegeta stood over the crib, looking down at the child that lay sleeping. Though only a few months old, the boy's true nature was beginning to show. His strength was not surprising, considering he descended from royalty. However, Vegeta couldn't bring himself to show any emotion. He should feel happy, proud, or at least some form of paternal love for his son. What no one knew was that Vegeta did feel these things, but he could never show them. The harsh lessons he had learned as a very small child prevented him from doing that; and old habits were hard to break after all. As he stood looking down at his son, the past came flooding back to him. He began to remember all that had happened to him all those years ago...

  There was a time in his childhood that Vegeta felt emotions, and was able to express them easily. He showed admiration, even love, towards his father and the few he had come to regard as not only his trusted friends, but his family... until it was beaten out of him. His father, a very powerful Saiyan king, soon became ashamed of his son's weakness. If his son were to be king and rule the planet, he must be cold and ruthless. No one would follow a weak leader. He must find some way to teach his son to be a warrior. He took drastic action. At the age of 5, Vegeta was torn from his mother and thrown into a never-ending world of violence. If he showed any form of weakness; tenderness, compassion, or even mercy; he was beaten senseless. After the beatings, he was constantly told the same thing. "You are destined for greatness, my son. Not only will you rule the planet, but as a Saiyan Elite, you will have a power like no other. You will be a Super Saiyan! With that power, you could rule the entire universe!!" Convinced his son would not be able to access this power with his emotions holding him back, King Vegeta's cruelty increased. He subjected his only son to constant physical and verbal abuse. Vegeta was never congratulated for doing a good job; only told he should've done a better one. On and on it went until finally, at the age of 7, Prince Vegeta was as cold and unfeeling as they came. Be it man, woman, or child before him, he showed no mercy. King Vegeta was sure that his son would rule...until the day someone else noticed the Prince's cruel nature, and decided he would be of use.

   As far as evil tyrants go, Lord Frieza was the worst. His specialty was taking over planets and selling them to the highest bidder. He was highly powerful and had the strongest soldiers in the universe. Then one day, he set his sights on the planet Vegeta. However, upon seeing how incredibly strong the Saiyans were, Frieza struck a bargain with King Vegeta. The Saiyans would serve under Frieza to strengthen his army, and Frieza would leave the planet in peace; leaving him on the throne. Knowing this was the only way to protect his people, King Vegeta made the deal. He kept his son's power level a secret though, because he was the only heir and could not rule the planet if he were constantly away in battle. But, as with all secrets, it could only be kept for so long. A paid informer told Lord Frieza about the strong prince, and how he had power unheard of before. Intrigued by this news, Frieza paid a guard close to Vegeta to wear a scouter and record the boy's training. Seeing the boy's power level for himself, Frieza realized his army would be unstoppable with the young prince on his side. Frieza went to see King Vegeta immediately. He told the king of his thoughts, and asked him to allow his son to join the soldiers. When the king refused, Frieza tried bribary. When that failed, he finally demanded that the boy be allowed to join his army. King Vegeta, furious at this, refused once again and said his son was a future prince and that Frieza had enough common thugs to handle any enemies. Furious at this, Frieza left the palace fuming. King Vegeta, thinking he had won, laughed with his soldiers.

  Vegeta scoffed as that memory came back to him. His father should've known better. No one ever said no to Frieza. Sooner or later, the vicious tyrant always got what he wanted. Not long after that discussion, some of Frieza's men had somehow broken into the palace and kidnapped the young prince in the dead of night. Frieza then sent a message to King Vegeta saying he had his son and would kill the boy if the king refused him again. With his son held hostage, the mighty king was powerless to refuse. Vegeta was inducted into Frieza's army that night. If the training under his father had been horrible, then the training under Frieza had been a living hell. Vegeta walked to the window and stared at the stars as more horrible scenes from his past raced through his mind.

   Frieza's first order was that the young prince was too soft and needed to be toughened up. He put Vegeta up against his top fighters. Knowing Vegeta could easily handle them, Frieza ordered him not to fight back, under the guise of teaching him discipline and obedience. In reality, it was to see how much damage the boy could take before falling. If Vegeta ignored the ruling, he was beaten into unconsciousness for being insubordinate. If Frieza thought he fell too soon, he was beaten nearly to death and made to watch as a friend or pet of his was killed before his eyes. Slowly, the young prince learned not to make friends, or even acquaintances, so they could never be used against him. Later on, Frieza would bring small children from other planets before him. Vegeta would be ordered to execute them. If he refused, he was beaten and forced to watch them die anyway. He was beaten a lot during the early stages of this part of his training. Then slowly, his sense of right and wrong, his sense of self even, began to disappear. King Vegeta was forced to watch it all, until finally he could stand it no longer. Realizing his son's pride was slowly being stripped away, King Vegeta had finally had enough. He marched himself into Frieza's throne room and demanded that his son be returned to him. Frieza only laughed at him. King Vegeta, enraged by this, ordered his soldiers to attack. They, however, were afraid of Lord Frieza and did nothing. "COWARDS!!!!" he screamed as he charged Frieza alone. Vegeta watched in horror as his father, the mighty king, was struck down before his eyes. With his dying breath, King Vegeta addressed his son. "Vegeta, you come from a strong bloodline, and you possess the potential power to join the Super Elite of all Saiyans. Never forget where you're from and train very hard, my son. Because if you've proven yourself worthy, you will become a Super Saiyan." With that, the once mighty king's head slumped to the side and he was gone from the world. Seeing the tears in the young prince's eyes at his father's death, Frieza ordered he be beaten once again. It was then, at the age of 8, that Vegeta vowed to one day end this horrible tyrant, and to never again endanger anyone by showing he cared for them. 

       With that thought, vegeta walked over to the crib once again and looked down at his son. Perhaps he felt something for the boy after all, he realized. This child was the heir to the throne of the planet Vegeta. The future ruler of the Saiyan Race. At that moment, pride coursed through Vegeta's heart. He did care for this child. He couldn't say he loved him, because Vegeta wasn't sure he could even feel love anymore, but he did feel a strong need to protect this child; his child. The only way to do that was to keep his distance emotionally and protect him from afar. That way, the boy could have a chance at growing up. The boy's mother would see that the child got all of the love, support, and attention he needed. Vegeta appreciated the way she cared for his son, always putting the boy's needs ahead of her, or even Vegeta's, needs. This meant a great deal to Vegeta, and gave rise to feelings that were as close to love as he thought he would ever get again. But, of course, he could never tell her that. He had to act towards her with the same cold and unfeeling attitude he used with everyone else. That way, she would be safe as well and, should something ever happen to him, there would always be someone around to care for his son. He would give his last breath to protect what was his, but he would do it in a way that they would never know he cared, and Bulma and the child would be safe from harm at the hands of his potential enemies.

        Seeing that the child's blanket had slipped from around him, Vegeta used his Saiyan senses to make sure he was alone before reaching down to cover the child up once more. He stroked the purple hair on the boy's head, and found himself repeating the same words his father had once said to him. "You are destined for greatness, my son. Train hard, and never forget where you came from." Feeling an urge to protect this child that was far too strong to ignore, Vegeta pulled a chair close to the bed. "Sleep peacefully, my son. I will watch over you and make sure no harm comes to you. I will always protect you." With that, Vegeta sat next to the bed, making sure he was between the door and the crib where his son slept. Soon, he fell asleep in the chair, knowing he could both prevent any harm that might come and be gone before anyone had known he was there. Maybe it was because he was so drained from reliving his past, maybe it was because she had kept quiet and suppressed her energy like Goku had once taught her; but for some reason, he had failed to sense Bulma hiding just outside the door. She had come to check on her son, but hearing Vegeta speak to him, she had hidden and listened as her mate spoke words of love and comfort to their son. She smiled to herself as she thought about what she had just heard. "I knew he cared", she whispered to herself. She turned and walked back down the hall to her room. She could sleep peacefully. She knew her son would be safe tonight.

A Prince's Promise
Credit for this goes, once again, to my friend Vegerot. Not only did she inspire this but she actually helped to write some of it. Thank you for your help my friend. I wrote this to try and explain why Vegeta was as cold as he was. Why did he act so unfeeling all the time? Was that really him, or was that the result of a horrific past? 
   He had to right the wrongs he had made. He couldn't believe he had allowed this to happen. He had sworn he'd never be controlled again; yet he'd been taken over by Babidi. Because of that, his son was now in danger. He had to get there in time. He had to save his son. After knocking out Kakarot as a precaution, he had flown straight here. Now he stood in Majin Buu's path, blocking him from his son.

  Caught off-guard by Vegeta's arrival, it had gone well at first, but now the tide of battle had turned. Majin Buu had capitalized on an opening, and now he was somehow wrapped in a part of Majin Buu himself; receiving the beating of his life. The punches kept coming. He was going to be beaten to death. Through a haze of pain, he heard Trunk's anger-filled cry of "NOOO!!!!" Suddenly, Buu was sent flying backward, leaving Vegeta suspended by the threads that had held him. Trunks had thrown himself into the fray of battle and a well-placed kick had caught Buu off-guard. That gave them the opportunity they needed. With the help of his friend Goten, Trunks began unraveling the web, freeing his father. Now free, Vegeta stood as he realized what he had to do. But first he needed to get Trunks out of harms way. He had to do something fast though. Majin Buu was beginning to stir. Vegeta knew what he must do to finally defeat Buu, but he couldn't do that with Trunks here. He had to get him away and out of danger.

 "Trunks, listen. You need to take good care of your mother." "Take care of mom? can do that too right? Why do you want me to take care of mom? Are you going somewhere?" "I want you two to leave and get far away from here. As for Buu...I'll fight him alone." "Don't do that!!" "Goten's right!! We'll fight with you. You dont wanna get killed do you? You've got ot let us help you dad!" "Stop it! It's too dangerous for you two. I will finish this myself." Trunks shook his head. "Are you in Goten?" "Yeah!" "See? We're with you!" "Come on! It'll be easier to beat him with me and Trunks!" "Yeah! We'll gang up on him! He won't know what hit him!" "Yeah, we're tough! We could even beat that big blob without your help, right Trunks?" "Yeah!" Suddenly though, both boys covered their mouths in horror and stared wide-eyed over Vegeta's shoulder.

  Spinning around, Vegeta saw that Majin Buu was stirring and realized he had to act fast.  Knowing the only way to keep Trunks safe was to get him far away from here, he made up his mind. He hated what he was about to do, but knew it was the only way to save his son's life; and so he acted on his decision. "Trunks, you're my only son and yet I haven't held you once since you were a baby, have I?" He turned towards him and reached out. "Come here son." "Dad, what's wrong?" Trunks was confused as his normally stern and distant father hugged him close. "This is embarrassing." After a few moments of standing like this, Vegeta spoke again. "You've made me proud, my son." With a swift motion, Vegeta brought his hand down against the back of his son's head, knocking him out. Before Goten could do much more than utter a shocked gasp and an angry shout of "Whyd you do that?", Vegeta swiftly knocked him out as well. Seeing this, Piccolo flew over just as Majin Buu was climbing to his feet. His angry eyes focused on Vegeta as he began to walk forward. Seeing this, Vegeta addressed Piccolo.

 "Take the two boys and get as far away from here as possible. Go now!!" "Of course." Piccolo reached down and threw Trunks over his shoulder and held Goten by the back of his shirt, before turning back to Vegeta. "You'll die. You know that." Vegeta was silent for a moment before speaking. "There is one thing I'd like to know... Tell me, will I meet that clown Kakarot in Other World?" Piccolo studied him for a moment before responding. "I'm not gonna lie to you Vegeta, although it may be difficult for you to hear." Vegeta said nothing, so Piccolo continued. "Goku devoted his life to protecting the lives of others. Because of his selflessness, when he died he was allowed to keep his body and travel to King Kai's planet. You, on the other hand, have spent your life in pursuit of your own selfish desires. You've caused too much pain. When you die, you will not receive the same reward." Vegeta wasn't surprised to hear this, but it stung nonetheless. It reminded him of how selfish he had been in letting Babidi take control of him. That only strengthened his resolve to do this. For once, he would be selfless and sacrifice himself to save someone else. Vegeta gave a bitter smile and bowed his head. "Oh well, so be it." Majin Buu was advancing on them yet again. They were out of time. "That will be all. Get out of here and hurry!!!"

  With a final nod, Piccolo flew away. Vegeta waited until he was out of sight before facing the moster yet again. Buu was only a few yards away, and his eyes bore a murderous glare. "In order to defeat you I'll have to blow you into so many pieces you can't even regenerate!!!" Vegeta began to power up. He would need all the energy he could gather. "I know I'll die doing this; and judging by what the Namekian just said I'll probably go to Hell. But Im not going by myself!!! I'm taking you with me!!!!" A dome of energy appeared around him. In his mind's eye, he saw some of the good things he'd done in his life. Pushing Gohan out of the way of Frieza's blast, helping Kakarot get to the rejuvination tank to heal, standing against Frieza with the others, standing against Cell. There were only a few good things, and now he could add this sacrifice to the list. Maybe they'd offer him a small amount of redemption. he hoped so anyway. lastly, he recalled his family, and the people he'd come to know as his friends. As images of his family came to mind, a soft smile crossed his face. He was doing this for them, and he realized he would willingly make this sacrifice any day for them. He expressed his final thoughts to the wind. "Trunks, Bulma, I do this for you." As a flash of Goku's face came to mind, he smirked. "Yes...even you, Kakarot."

   His power reaching the desired level, he spread his arms apart. A lone tear slipped down his cheek. "Goodbye..." With a mighty yell, he pushed the wave outward, focusing the blast on Majin Buu. Confused by what Vegeta had been doing, Majin Buu didn't have time to block. Engulfed in the glow; the Saiyan Prince vanished in an agonizingly brilliant flash of light. He had reclaimed his pride and his honor. His noble sacrifice had been made.
The Proud Prince
This is the long awaited part two of my Majin Vegeta series. Special thanks to Vegerot once again because not only did she do the research for me on the dialogue for this one, she also helped me write it and is in the process of doing a picture for it. If any of you have DBZ material questions, I would suggest asking her as she is very knowledgeable about it. Thank you for your help my friend, it wouldve been impossible to do this story without your help. 

I decided to write both this and the Proud Prince because this part of the series was never done from Vegetas point of view. How did he feel when he died? What were his last thoughts? This story is my attempt to answer those questions. 


United States
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Happy Easter to everyone. I know its not Easter yet but, as I have nine children coming over to my house, I'll be so busy that day that I wont be able to say it. Lets hope the weather cooperates because I do not relish the idea of having an easter egg hunt for nine kids inside my tiny apartment.

Happy birthday to any whose birthday I have missed. Hope all my friends are doing well. Two new fanfictions are up so i sincerely hope you will read them if you havent already. Special thanks to Vegerot for givig me the idea for one and helping me write the other when I was stuck. 

Ive been stricken with a severe case of Spring fever as well. Ive been planting flowers, going to the park on sunny days, and had a picnic outside on one particularly beautiful day. I love Spring and I always have so I get more active during this time of year.
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